Macadam Sports Pitch

Macadam Sports Pitch

Macadam sports facilities are popular in the UK as they create a versatile and durable playing surface for a range of sports including tennis, netball and basketball.

Tarmac MUGA Surfaces

Tarmac MUGA Surfaces

We can install tarmac MUGA surfaces for outdoor sports facilities at schools, colleges, clubs and domestic homes throughout the UK in a range of designs and colours.

Multi Use Macadam Court

Multi Use Macadam Court

There are many benefits to having a multi use macadam court installed as it can be used all year round in most weather conditions, and only requires little maintenance to keep it safe and playing well.

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Macadam Sports Pitch

A macadam sports pitch is very popular because they are hard wearing, low maintenance and costs to build are competitive. The tarmac pitch is known as a type 1 MUGA ball court and a type 2 MUGA ball court.

Both very similar in the construction with groundwork’s, fencing, floodlighting but one is driven towards netball being the primary sport and therefore needs a higher slip resistance of TRRL 75 where a general multisports MUGA only needs TRRL 60. This is a popular design for MUGA courts nearby in schools and it's extremely versatile and doesn't require a lot of maintenance after the initial construction. The surface could be utilised for a number of activities including tennis, basketball and netball as well as different games during break times and after school.

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Tarmac Sports Surfacing Company

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What is Macadam Surfacing?

Macadam surfacing is another name for tarmac. It can also be know as tarmacadam, bitmacadam, bitmac and asphalt. The majority of tarmac surfacing for sport facilities will be porous because they are to be used outside as an all weather court. The great thing about the porous tarmac surfaces is that they allow water to drain straight through, meaning that the court does not become flooded slippery due to rainwater; because of this, the facility can be utilised all year round and generally throughout any weather conditions.

Tarmacadam Sport Surface Installers

Macadam surfacing near me is a hard surface type and it's perfect for sports like tennis, netball and basketball. Our expert tarmacadam sport surface installers can install tarmacadam surfacing for your sport facility and include numerous line markings to create a multi-use area where a number of different sports may be played. If you wish to find out more about the bitmac MUGA courts, please fill out our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you straight away. 

Bitmac Multi Use Games Area Near Me

The bitmac multi use games area is always installed in an open textured porous tarmacadam with the porosity making the Bitmac surface an all weather pitch for the kids and children to play on in most weather conditions. The porous Bitmac recreational MUGA is usually designed and specified with 3m high rebound fencing, floodlights, colour coating and line marking to suit several activities. The painting of the tarmac surface could be carried out in polyurethane anti slip paint in red, blue, green or an acrylic anti slip paint which is what gives the skid / slip resistance playing characteristics. We have completed many professioanl colour coating applications for hard courts which give the surface improved anti slip qualities and a brightly coloured appearance Contact us today to find out more about tarmac sport surfaces and specialist paint coatings that we can apply.

Asphalt Sports Surfaces

Suppliers, contractors and consultants design these recreational ashphalt sport surfaces to suit the surroundings and some asphalt tarmac surfacing companies try to advertise they're no maintenance which is completely untrue. Please bear in mind although macadam surfacing is low maintenance then some maintenance schedule does need to be set up as moss, algae and algal squidge can build up on the area making it very slippy for the players and it is a duty of diligence to make sure all sports pitches are safe recreational playing areas.


The surface maintenance generally includes a pressure wash clean, re-lining the lines, re-painting of the acrylic or polyurethane coating and possible upgrade to the tarmac to a AstroTurf 2G synthetic grass, 3G artificial turf or a polymeric sports surface. As specialist multi use games area installers we can offer professional help and advice on the specification and costs for installing a macadam sports pitch local to you, find out about all of our services here let us know if you need any more details.

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