MUGA Construction

MUGA Construction

The process of MUGA construction can be done with a range of designs and different surface types to suit your budget and the sports you want to play.

Multi Sports Facility Installation

Multi Sports Facility Installation

There are a range of surface types which can be used for multi sports facility installation including synthetic grass, polymeric rubber and macadam. Each of these has different playing qualities which are better suited to individual and multiple sports.

MUGA Court Builders

MUGA Court Builders

We can design and install MUGA sports surfaces for a range of organisations throughout the UK to create the perfect all purpose surface which can be used all year round.

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MUGA Construction

Each MUGA construction we have carried out is different and there are a range of factors which affect the costs and design of a multi-use facility. These can include the sports you choose to play, the most appropriate surface specification, the area size and the site location.

Each of these variables will be taken into account when creating a quote for the work and we will always try to give the best value products and services for each client.


If you would like to speak to one of our experts local to you about the costs for the MUGA construction, please feel free to use our contact form to contact us. Our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible with more details regarding the construction process and the price of the installation.

What is a MUGA?

A MUGA is a multi-use games area which is a facility that can be used for a number of different sports and activities. Since many activities can be carried out in a single space, multi-use games areas are perfect for schools and sport clubs with limited funds. A multi sport pitch or court could be installed in a number of different surfaces depending upon the sport you wish to play on the area. For example if you wish to play netball, tennis and basketball you may be better off having a macadam or polymeric court installed. For more information on installations nearby, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

MUGA Install Specification

A MUGA install specification is designed and specified to meet the clients' budgets, funding and costs available. With the design and specification in mind this will determine to the sports pitch contractor the depth of the sub base, the drainage design, engineered or dynamic sub base, edging detail and groundwork materials. As we carry out colour coating you can choose a bespoke design with individual line markings for each of your chosen sports This specialist painting is done to give anti slip qualities to improve safety and grip on the court for sports such as netball and tennis.

To build a multi-use games area near me the install is usually done to meet the specifications set out by Sport England, AENA, ITF, FA and SAPCA. The costs, prices and quotes vary depending on location, access and ground conditions. If the ball court is being built to the bottom of a hill then obviously the focus needs to be on sufficient drainage where if the multi use games area is getting heavy traffic then the focus needs to be more driven on the amount of infill to make certain the CBR compaction is fit for purpose. When we install sport surfaces the specification can be designed to meet governing body standards for sports like tennis, netball and basketball as it is extremely versatile.

Multi-Sport Building Contractors Near Me

Multi-Sport building contractors near me are specialists in the field of MUGAs and multiple use games areas so please make sure that you check the existing company out to make sure they are established, have previous experience in building synthetic and artificial pitches and most importantly credit checked because many companies and contractors within the UK are struggling so you want to make sure the ground-worker you are dealing with is credit worthy and an established contractor in the MUGA construction. We've worked on MUGA macadam surfaces for many facilities such as schools, clubs and universities, have a look at this page and please contact us now and we'll give you a quote for a project you're looking to complete!

How to Build a Multi Use Games Area

Our experts can inform you on more details regarding the process of how to build a multi use games area. The general steps we follow are:

  1. Excavate the existing surfacing 
  2. Lay down a geotextile membrane
  3. Install stone and macadam sub base if necessary
  4. Install a shockpad if required (this will generally be used for sports like rugby)
  5. Lay down the sports surface
  6. Apply colour coating (for macadam and polymeric) 
  7. Apply line markings to allow for accurate game scoring

Specialist Multi-Sport Installers

Our specialist multi-sport installers can install high quality multi-purpose areas local to you and in surrounding areas which our clients will be happy with. Our installations will be done closest to your requirements to ensure you are pleased with the end result. One of our main goals is to provide great value for money whilst installing MUGAs to the top standard. We will only make use of premium materials and specialist tools to ensure you receive the best possible results.

Other Services We Offer

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Our company can install a range of surfaces across the UK and we have a lot of experience in the construction industry as we have been doing these project for years. A popular surface we can install is needlepunch, find out more about that here If you want to find out more about the MUGA construction please do not hesitate to contact us today, all you have to do is fill out the enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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