MUGA Pitch Resurfacing

MUGA Pitch Resurfacing

When a synthetic sports pitch becomes worn out it may be necessary to carry out a resurfacing process to improve the playing qualities.

Synthetic Grass Resurface

Synthetic Grass Resurface

Over time artificial grass surfacing can become damaged due to heavy use and it's important to apply maintenance or resurfacing where necessary.

Sports Pitch Renovation

Sports Pitch Renovation

We are specialists in sports pitch renovation to artificial grass facilities which have become damaged or worn out from overuse.

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Resurfacing Multi Use Games Area

Resurfacing multi use games area is very popular because many old existing courts are an ideal recreational area to then be upgraded and then multi sports can be played on the same area. The primary sports can still be tennis if that is the main focus but other activities like football, basketball, netball and mini tennis may be added with new line marking.

The resurfacing could be replaced with the same surface so a tarmac overlay can be installed with fresh colour coating anti slip paint, line marking or an upgrade to the surfacing in surrounding areas.

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For more details on a variety of services available, please contact us using our application form. We are happy to give you all the information you need to ensure you are able to get the best results, at a great rate. Simply fill out the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Local MUGA Contractors

A resurface could be specified for our local MUGA contractors because no groundworks should be needed as the existing engineered sub base can be used for installation of insitu polymeric surfaces and other new specifications. AstroTurf products such as 2G sand filled synthetic turf or 3rd generation 3G artificial grass which is ideal for football use can all be installed through a resurface this page has lots of useful info to read.

Upgrade Sports Surfaces nearby

A survey or photos will need to be supplied of the existing recreational playground to check what resurfacing multi use games area preparation works will need to be carried out prior to installing new upgrade sports surfaces. Whether the design and consultant decides on having a sand filled multi use carpet or polymeric multisport surface then other items of work to consider is the state of the fencing around the pitches and also whether it has floodlights because floodlighting allows the facilities to then be rented out of a night which increases revenue from rental and helps towards budgets and funding.

MUGA Pitch Renovation

The main concern about a MUGA pitch renovation in surrounding areas or resurfacing for the client is the costs and prices but being an existing court (MUGA, STP, ATP or tennis court) then this should massively drop in price with very little preparation works, groundwork’s needing to be carried out. We recommend regularly maintaining your court or pitch in order to prevent the need for a full resurface or renovation. By carrying out routine inspections you shall be able to notice any damages early on so that these could be fixed which can lessen your chances of needing a full resurface. Not only will this help you to cut back on costs, but it can also help to keep the players using the facility safe. Obviously if there are cracks or tears in the surfacing, players would be more prone to tripping which could cause injuries. 

How to Resurface a MUGA Court

If you're looking to resurface your hard court, please find details on the process below:

  1. Thoroughly clean the MUGA surface
  2. Treat the surface with a chemical treatment to remove contamination and prevent the growth of moss and algae
  3. Repair any minor cracks on the MUGA surface
  4. Install a new tarmac wearing course 
  5. Install a polyurethane binder to help stick the paint to the surfacing better 
  6. Paint the tarmac the colour of your choice
  7. Apply line markings onto the area

We are able to resurface a number of multi-use games areas as well as macadam facilities. If you'd like a step by step guide on how to resurface a 2G or 3G pitch nearby, please let us know and we can help you.

Resurface Sports Pitch near me

A specialist resurfacing sports pitch project may be done to upgrade to a new and more advanced specification of artificial grass such as 4G pitch surfaces to give players the best quality experience Depending on your chosen activities, there are numerous resurfacing options to choose from so you can completely customise the whole project and ensure you get what you need. Resurfacing a facility gives you the opportunity to create a facility which you are proud of.

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If you would like more information on resurfacing of sports pitches, please fill in our contact form. We will be sure to get back to you right away with a helpful response to any questions or queries you may have along with a free quotation for a resurfacing project if required. 

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If you would like any specifications, designs, case studies of previous resurfacing multi use games area near me to existing courts or pitches please do not hesitate to fill in our contact form where we can provide all the information you require including a guide to possible funding avenues you might be able to explore. Our local staff who are closest to you will be happy to send you over some documents and product sheets with further details of the work we can carry out.


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