Sports Surface Testing

Sports Surface Testing

It's important to have regular testing done for your sports surfacing to help determine the best maintenance programme for your individual facility.

Synthetic Pitch Tests

Synthetic Pitch Tests

Testing for a sports pitch can include ball roll and bounce assessments, slip resistance tests, and a number of other inspections to check performance and safety.

Sports Court Assessments

Sports Court Assessments

We can carry out a number of sports court assessments and tests to ensure the best performance and safety qualities for your facility, as well as offering help and advice on maintenance.

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Sports Surface Testing

Sports pitch testing to the multi use games areas are vital to make sure the children and kids are playing on a safe surface finish.

The sports surface testing check the slip resistance, playing characteristics and performance specifications for football, netball, tennis and basketball. Independent insitu tests can be carried out on site in schools, clubs, leisure centres and parks.


If you'd like more information on the testing of closest sport surfaces, please fill in our contact form and we can provide you with more details. Testing of sport surfaces is very important in order to make certain that the players are safe when using the facility. If you do not carry out regular testing, you may find that the surface is unsafe which could result in injuries and the players getting hurt.

Performance Specification Tests

Multi use games areas require certain playing characteristics for certain activities and these tests are generally to do with the slip resistance where netball is required to have a TRRL 75 result where general multi-sports like small sided football, basketball, tennis and soccer requires only a TRRL 60. Independent in-situ performance tests may be completed anywhere where a report can be filed and also consultancy information sent should there need to be details regards to resurfacing, maintenance, re-painting, re-lining or general cleaning of the recreational areas. We can complete quality tests on 3G artificial surfaces to check the playability and ensure they meet FIFA accreditations, as well as tests to determine any maintenance which may be required, find out more about this here as this page has lots of useful information.

What is Sports Pitch Testing?

Sports pitch testing is a way of making certain the sport pitch is safe to use and performing well. Tests to MUGAs nearby are undertaken throughout the UK usually include the dimensions, sizes and measurements of courts firstly because the most important aspect to the school, architect, designer is that the construction of a MUGA has been carried out correctly. The levels, tolerances and surface regularity is also very important because you want to make sure you are playing the sports on a nice flat level surface and usually specifications and designs allow a tolerance of +-6mm. Many sport courts are installed with polymeric rubebr surfacing which can come in a number of specifications Our specialist team are able to complete performance and safety tests for this surface type to ensure optimum quality.

MUGA Construction Test near me

The construction of the multi use games area near me or in surrounding areas is crucial in making certain the sub base, kerbs, macadam and drainage are all carried out to a design in the NBS or Sport England specification. The MUGA construction test completed is usually the CBR compaction (DCP) test which gives the CBR values of a sport court pitch and 5% CBR value is always the best result to try and work to during construction of MUGA ball court. With drainage a key element then permeability tests are completed to ensure the MUGA surface is an all weather pitch because the last thing you want is a waterlogged sport court recreational area.

Specialist Sport Testers

If you require more details on the MUGA construction test and surface testing please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experts work hard to answer any questions or queries which are clients have so don't worry about contacting us. We love to help our clients and we will be happy to explain any of the sports pitch tests we carry out in more detail if you wish. 

Accreditation Sports Tests

Nearby Sport pitches and MUGAs are generally designed and tested to meet the criteria for varied accreditation sports tests and football for example is generally set out by FIFA 1*, FIFA 2*, FA standards. Hockey is generally specified by FIH for sand filled synthetic turf, sand dressed artificial grass, Netball is through the AENA specification testing on macadam bitmac type 1+2 MUGAs or polymeric surfacing type 3+4 MUGAs, Tennis is designed through the ITF standard governing body where tennis can be played on all the surfaces from macadam surfacing, polymeric surfaces to AstroTurf products including the sand filled / dressed AstroTurf grass and IAAF have test results for the likes of polymeric surfaces making sure the force reduction, rebound and vertical deformation is all met to the British standards of BS7976, BSEN 13036-4 and BS 7044 sport British standard spec.

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