3G Sports Surfaces

3G Sports Surfaces

Many schools and clubs have 3G sports surfaces installed for use with football and rugby as they can be used in all weather conditions without getting muddy or waterlogged.

3G Synthetic Pitch

3G Synthetic Pitch

The 3G synthetic grass specification is made up of the latest artificial carpet technology and contains an infill of sand and rubber granules to enhance performance qualities.

3G Artificial MUGA

3G Artificial MUGA

We can install 3G artificial pitches to replace muddy natural grass and improve the performance and safety characteristics on your sports surface.

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3G Sports Surfaces

3G sports surfaces are installed to football pitches and rugby fields for training facilities because it is an all weather pitch ideal for heavy use and also to be rented out to the public. The 3G football pitch is an artificial grass infilled with silica sand and rubber granules, which give the playing characteristics and playing performance.

The rubber granules help to cushion players joints to prevent injury when running and playing on the surface. This infill also keeps the grass fibres upright to make for a more comfortable and better quality experience. Costs to install the advanced quality synthetic pitches near me will vary depending on size, location and numerous other factors, so get in touch with us today to talk to one of our experts using the enquiry form.

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We have years of experience in the sport pitch construction industry and our experts nearby are available to speak to clients about their individual facilities. If you have any specific requests regarding the 3G sports surfaces which we can install, please get in touch with one of our specialists today. Once you fill out our contact form we will respond to you as soon as possible with advice and support regarding the MUGA installation. 

3G Football Pitch Near Me

The 3G football pitch is usually a 40-50mm synthetic turf pile height which is usually installed onto an insitu rubber shockpad or rebounce preformed shock pad. The AstroTurf is ideal for training facilities, kickabout areas and multi use games areas. The 3G football pitch surfacing meets the accreditation of FIFA 1*, FIFA 2* and FA. Many schools and clubs have had resurfacing projects carried out to replace natural grass pitches with new 3G sports surfaces http://multiusegamesarea.co.uk/resurfacing-muga-upgrade/ This is done because real grass can become muddy and unsafe in wet weather which leads to costly maintenance and repair work. With synthetic grass pitches, the maintenance requirements are reduced and they can be used all year round without becoming waterlogged and potentially dangerous.

3G Rugby Pitch Near Me

Third generation rugby pitch surfacing is usually a deeper pile height of approx. 50-65mm installed onto a sports surface underlay. The longer pile synthetic turf is to give more shock absorption to any falls or tackles to the players giving a cushioned fall. The rubber infilled sports grass meets IRB, RFU and RFL standards. We can complete MUGA pitch maintenance for both football and rugby pitches to ensure a safe and consistent playing experience for as long as possible, read this page for more information http://multiusegamesarea.co.uk/sports-pitch-maintenance/ This maintenance can range from drag brushing through the pitch to spread the infill evenly around, to deep cleaning and rejuvenations which remove contaminants from within the carpet.

3G Sports Grass Specifications

The third generation sports grass specifications varies from UK suppliers and contractors; we may alter our designs to get closest to your individual requirements. The main types of third generation surfaces nearby are a monofilament yarn fibre and fibrillated yarn fibre. The yarn materials consist of either apolyethylene material or polypropylene, which is stitched into the backing of the carpet. 3G sports surfaces can be used for a number of sports; football and rugby are the most common sports to be played on 3G surfaces, as the flooring type offers great performance qualities for these sporting activities.

Synthetic Football Pitch Surface

Our team of experts near you and in surrounding areas are able to talk you through the benefits of a synthetic football pitch surface and let you know about the necessary maintenance required. We can discuss with our clients how to make the surfacing last longer and how to keep it in the best possible condition. We have years of expereience and expert knowledge to ensure you get great results. 

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If you wish to speak about the maintenance required of 3G surfacing, please fill in the contact form and someone will respond to your enquiries in a timely manner. As professionals, we are sure to provide you with exxactly what you are looking for, at a great rate. 

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For further details on the NBS specification of these products, please don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form online. A local member of our team will be able to send you over some further details and product descriptions, as well as case studies of work we have previously completed. Speak to us today for all the information you need regarding 3G sports surfaces including costs and installation methods. Thank you for reading our information, it is appreciated.


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