Painting MUGA Surfacing in Antrim

Painting MUGA Surfacing in Antrim

Polymeric and macadam multi use sports surfaces are often painted with an anti slip coating to enhance performance qualities and add a coloured design.

Multi Use Games Area Line Markings in Antrim

Multi Use Games Area Line Markings in Antrim

Accurate line markings can be applied to a multi use sports court in contrasting colours to create game play lines for a range of activities.

Coloured Sports Coatings in Antrim

Coloured Sports Coatings in Antrim

We can apply specialist coloured sports coatings in a range of colours with two toned designs to give your surface a unique appearance.

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Painting MUGA Surfacing in Antrim

Painting MUGA surfacing in Antrim BT41 4 is carried out by spraying onto polymeric surfaces and Bitmac macadam sport surfacing. Painting the flooring is ideal for tennis courts, netball MUGAs, basketball multi-use games areas, small sided soccer recreational areas and football pitches.

These anti-slip colour painting is installed onto type 1 and type 2 MUGAs which are in an acrylic anti slip paint or a polyurethane anti-slip coating material. The type 3 and 4 MUGAs are anti-slip paint onto insitu polymeric surfacing with a specialist moisture cure paint, here is some more information about this just speak to us for even more detail.


The colour coating for the inside and surrounding areas are designed and specified on multi sport games areas and recreational playgrounds because give a slip resistance to prevent slips and falls to the children, kids and players using the facility. The sports club or school have a duty of diligence to make sure the activity surfaces near me are safe to play onto and regular slip / skid resistance testing to the surfacing should be carried out with maintenance of jet wash cleaning, relining and repainting the MUGA surfaces. For more details on painting MUGA surfacing, please complete the enquiry form on this page. 

What is Anti Slip Coating?

Anti slip coating is the process of applying a coloured coating to an existing surface in order to improve the appearance and slip resistance. Anti-slip coating is often installed onto sports surfaces like macadam and polymeric. The great thing about anti slip paints is that the application can dramatically enhance both the appearance and playing qualities of the facility and also make the surface a lot safer for players due to slip resistance. 

We can install anti-slip coating for an inner-court and surrounding areas in a range of different colours depending on your specific preferences. If you are interested in having your MUGA painted using anti-slip paint by our local professionals, please fill in our contact form on this page where one of our friendly team members will get back to you with a quote and additional details. 

Line Marking Multi Use Games Area

Design companies like to specify several activities on the same recreational MUGA court nearby to make the most out of the facility in Antrim BT41 4 so usually line marking multi use games areas will include football for 5-a-side, soccer for 7-a-side, netball, basketball, tennis and mini tennis. Painting sports lines are white, red, yellow and blue and different specifications of paint will be used for each surface type. Polymeric sports courts will often be painted in a polyurethane coating while macadam surfaces are painted in acrylic.

If you would like more information on line marking multi use games area, simply let us know the lines you require by completing the contact box. Once we receive your enquiry, we can get back toy you on more details regarding the costs and the actual process.

Line-Marking Specifications Near Me

The line marking specifications will be installed to Sport England, SAPCA or governing bodies dimensions for the sizes of the courts however for recreational use the dimensions and measurements can be amended to purpose fit the ball court or meet the required costs, prices and quotes to meet the funding which it is to construct the sports court as not all schools and sports clubs can have the full size construction of these MUGA areas.

How to Colour Coat a Sports Court

When looking how to colour coat a sports court, it is vital that you carry out these simple steps:

  1. Clean the area thoroughly
  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment
  3. Repair any minor damages like cracking within the surface
  4. Install a polyurethane binder if required in order to help make the paint stick better
  5. Spray the colour coating in the colours of your choice
  6. Install the line markings for the sports you wish to play on the facility

Our nearby specialists can complete each of these steps to the highest quality at a reasonable price to get closest to your budget. If you're interested in receiving a quote for the works, please let us know by filling in our contact form.

Colour Coating Sports Surfaces in Antrim

Prior to the installation of colour coating sports surfaces, our experts carry out a thorough clean of the surface. Cleaning the surfacing before applying the colour coating paint is important so that the colour coating sticks onto the court rather than dirt which may be found on the surface. If you do not clean the court before painting, the paint could come away with the dirt over time which means we wouldn't be able to offer a guarantee. However if the court undergoes a professional clean prior to this painting we can guarantee the paint will last. We would also recommend having a polyurethane binder coat applied onto the surface before painting MUGA services commence, as this will strengthen the existing surfacing and help the paint to stick better. 

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