4G Sports Pitches in Gwynedd

4G Sports Pitches in Gwynedd

The latest specifications of artificial sports surfacing are often referred to as a 4G system, these are popular for use with football and rugby.

5G Artificial Surfacing in Gwynedd

5G Artificial Surfacing in Gwynedd

Artificial grass sport surfacing is a popular choice for many schools and clubs who are looking to improve their facilities and replace a muddy natural grass area.

Synthetic Turf Facilities in Gwynedd

Synthetic Turf Facilities in Gwynedd

We can design and install synthetic turf facilities in a range of specifications to suit individual budgets and playing qualities for the chosen sports.

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4G Sports Pitches in Gwynedd

4G sports pitches in Gwynedd SY20 9 are a grey area in the world of artificial turf as no accreditation from FIFA, IRB, RFL, IATS or FIH has been awarded. This is generally because most types of 4G sport surfacing products are tweaks from the 3G synthetic turf with sand and rubber infill.

The sports governing bodies have seen this to be an upgrade of a 3G AstroTurf but not accredited for 4th generation artificial however within the UK many clubs market they are the proud owner of a 4G sports pitch.


If you would like to find out more information regarding 4G pitches for your surrounding areas, speak to us today. We are happy to gve you all the information you require, as well as provide a quote. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

4G Pitch Near Me

Our 4 G sports pitches are extremely popular across the UK due to the fantastic performance qualities and permeable properties the pitches provide. 4G pitches are great for sports like football and the porosity of the surfacing allows the pitch to then be used all year round no matter what the weather conditions are like. Since the flooring is porous water can drain through easily, meaning that the pitch is not subject to flooding or waterlogging. In the event your 4G pitch nearby does start to flood, we may carry out rejuvenation services in order to redistribute the sand infill and improve water drainage. 

4G Pitch Cost

If you would like to be kept updated on the 4G pitch cost and the latest products for all weather pitches local to you then please follow our blog which will regularly update you with suppliers, contractors and design companies overview of the latest innovative products and as a company we provide any type of artificial grass you seem to deem as Fourth 4th generation surfacing. This can be for any type of enquiry from small sided soccer MUGAs, football multi use games areas, hockey ATPs, rugby STPs to multisport all weather pitches. We complete sports pitch construction for a range of facilities, both professional and recreational with different designs on each project, find out more here http://multiusegamesarea.co.uk/construction-building/gwynedd/ if you need even more info, let us know.

What is 5G Sport Surfacing?

5G sport surfacing is the latest marketing tool being used from football leagues saying they have the newest 5G synthetic turf but with no accreditation as of yet for fourth generation 4G artificial grass this seems bizarre to be marketed but again no governing body has deemed any surfaces yet for fifth generation 5G flooring from the IRB, IATS, RFU, FIFA or FIH.

Synthetic Surface Suppliers in Gwynedd

Many synthetic surface suppliers and contractors are trying innovative designs and specifications of their artificial carpets, changing the length of yarn fibres, trying different infill weights with some specified as non filled and other as full rubber infill, some suppliers are tweaking the construction sub base with varied shock pads underlay but all sports accreditations are currently saying these are minor tweaks from the third generation 3G synthetic grass. However should you have a 5G specification and want us to price a like for like on this then we are more than capable to supply you with costs, prices and quotes for the surfacing and full works including construction, fencing, floodlights and maintenance, all you need to do is fill out the contact form.

4G / 5G Synthetic Artificial Pitch Tests Near Me

We can get our experts closest to you or in surrounding areas to complete artificial sports pitch testing to check the performance qualities of any surfaces which are installed, or for assessing any maintenance which must be done http://multiusegamesarea.co.uk/muga-testing/gwynedd/ If any suppliers or contractors are trying to provide the latest design or specification for NBS on the artificial pitches, professional testing should be carried out on site to check the playing qualities and safety requirements.

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It is important to get 4G/ 5G synthetic artificial pitch tests in Gwynedd SY20 9 are carried out early on so that you can prevent any damage or problems developing on the sport surfacing. If you leave damages on your 4G pitch to develop you may find that costly repairs may be in order. We carry out pitch tests along with repairs if necessary at reasonable prices to a high standard. 

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